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Weak Erections Herbs

Weak erection herbs to give you a strong erection that lasts more rounds and erectile dysfunction herbs to increase sexual stamina, ensuring that you satisfy your partners sexual needs

Weak erection (erectile dysfunction or impotence) is a common male sexual ailment and is more observed in older males than in younger ones. It can be that the man is unable to get an erection at all or the man gets an erection, but is unable to retain that erection for penetration during sex.

Causes of weak erections can range from diabetes, heart problems, neurological disorders, pharmaceutical drugs, age, kidney disease or hormonal imbalances. The first step in diagnosing weak erection is focusing on the underlying causes of impotence, this is why our weak erection herbs focus on your total health.

Unlike modern wonder drugs such as Viagra that work directly on the penis to arouse erection, weak erection herbs build up the systemic elements of health so that active sexual life will follow naturally. of impotence and its extensive use may lead to the drain of the sexual energy.

Baba akim has powerful herbs to treat heart problems, kidney failure, hormonal imbalances and various other underlying causes of weak erection. After we treat this we then focus on reviving and rejuvinating your sex organs using libido boosting herbs, herbal viagras and penis enhancement creams

A weak erection is very unpleasing because while it is considered an erection, it is not hard enough to provide adequate stimulation for a sexual partner that damages self-esteem and confidence.

A weak erection can also cause anxiety that can lead to premature ejaculation, not to mention that weak erections can be physically responsible for premature ejaculation, too.

The key to getting any erection at all is nitric oxide and if you want to cure a weak erection then you need to boost levels.

Nitric oxide helps to regulate blood flow into the penis, because when its produced in the blood vessels which feed the penis with blood it relaxes them and expands them, so more blood can enter the penile tissue and make it hard.

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Call: +27 72 930 0140 / +27 82 294 1447